Mastiff Oatmeal Stout

 ABV = 6.5% IBU= 32.5

Can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch! Railhouse
Mastiff Oatmeal Stout is a variation of the sweet stout but has oatmeal added to increase the fullness of body and flavor and to make a more “nutritious” Stout. The result of this mixture is a firm, smooth, silky light body, and a hint of nuttiness in a complex of coffee, chocolate, and roast flavors. Double hopped for bitterness and flavor with US Goldings.

First Place: Stout, North Carolina Brewer’s Cup 2013
Best in Show, 1st Place, Blues N Brews Festival 2013




K-Bar Brown Ale

Brown Ale ABV = 5.75% IBU= 29.5

The USMC KA-BAR depicted in our label is an icon and a legend in the world of knives. It was one of the general issue knives to the United States Marine Corps in World War II and quickly gained popularity. This knife remains the first choice for many men and women of service who carry it as their personal option knife still today.

Made with traditional brewers malt, with a touch of crystal and chocolate malts. Slight nutty undertone, with a mild bite at the end. Hopped with Mt. Hood and Cascades.

First Place: English Brown Ale, North Carolina Brewer’s Cup 2013


FCA IPA ABV = 7.5% IBU = 73

The FCA IPA is not a west coast IPA. It is not an East Coast IPA. The FCA IPA, is a North Carolina IPA. Railhouse Brewery was started by two passionate beer lovers who worked in corporate America. Escaping the rat race and doing what we loved gave us the inspiration for this beer. The FCA IPA is our taste of freedom.

Unlike many IPA’s, the FCA IPA is well balanced between the malt and hops. Starts with a light aroma of hops and a strong sweet hoppy taste in the beginning, but finishes smooth with only a slight lasting bitterness at the end. Great for hop lovers and haters alike.

Seasonal & Pub Drafts

  • English Ale

    ABV = 6.5% IBU = 38.6
    Our English Ale is a dark, hoppier beer. The hops blend well with the many different types of specialty grains and barley. Great for all occasions.

  • Pale Ale

    ABV = 5.25% IBU = 11.9
    Our lightest beer, the Pale Ale is well balanced with traditional and crystal malts, the appearance is slightly hazy – golden amber color.It is fruity and estery with the crystal malt providing a bit of residual sweetness.It is moderately hopped with two additions of German Hallertau hops.


  • Vanilla Porter

    ABV = 6% IBU = 32
    Only available via 1/4 BBL and 1/2 BBL kegs, or individual bottles – 6-packs coming soon.

    The Vanilla Porter is a traditional robust porter having the roast and coffee flavors loved so much in a porter, but with the slight accent of vanilla flavor on the front and finish.

  • Honey Wheat

    ABV = 5.5% IBU= 9.7
    Made with red wheat and Munich malt, the Honey Wheat is a refreshing beer for any occasion. The addition of over five gallons of honey helps eliminate the dryness of traditional wheat beers.

  • BeerGasm Barleywine

    ABV = 10.5% IBU = 46
    Our biggest beer, the Barleywine is not for the casual beer drinker. It has a mild sweet taste, coupled with the nice warming sensation at the end. Got to try it at least once!